Next Vision is a Spinoff Company of the University of Catania that provides innovative AI wearable technologies to daily assist humans in environments where they live and work. The team has matured scientific knowledge and practical expertise to design and develop Artificial Intelligence solutions aimed to extract meaningful semantic information from images and video.

Knowledge and Expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Wearable Devices, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Solutions and Services

Next Vision designs and develops AI algorithms to transform images and video into information. Next Vision offers consulting, R&D and training courses.

Object Detection

and Recognition

Image Based Localization and Navigation

Forecasting Actions and Interactions

Understanding Human Behavior

AI Solutions by Learning from Synthetic Data

Secure and Privacy Preserving AI by Design

R&D Projects

Training Courses


Next Vision is a spin-off company of the University of Catania based in the southern Italy, Sicily. The company stems out from the long tradition of scientific research in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning performed by a group of researchers lead by prof. Giovanni Maria Farinella within the Image Processing Laboratory of the University of Catania.