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Next Vision has strategic alliances with technological enterprises and research partners.
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Xenia Progetti is running in ICT market since more than 30 years and provides innovative solutions and services in different market segments such as Oil&Gas, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Public Administration. The company has strong skills in design and development of customized innovative software solutions for Industry. A constant attention to innovation and new technologies has rooted the Research and Development activity in Xenia Progetti, above all in enabling technologies for Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

The University of Catania is the oldest university in Sicily and one of the oldest in Italy. It consists of 17 departments involving about 1.500 researchers and more than 40.000 students. NEXT VISION builds on the scientific knowledge and the technical skills of the Image Processing Laboratory (IPLAB) at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. In particular, the FPV@IPLAB research group has gained many years of experience in the context of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with focus on applications to be implemented using fixed, mobile cameras and wearable devices for industry 4.0, ambient assistive living, cultural heritage, healthcare and cooperative robotics. The group has well-recognized R&D collaborations with leading companies in the field and has already successfully participated in research projects funded by national and international public and private entities. These research activities have already allowed the knowledge transfer from academic results into industrial products and patents.